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Art by Barry Rosson

About My Work

My recently completed paintings explore the paradoxes and ambiguities of human responses to new discoveries. Viewers are drawn to a series of detailed objects of various shapes, patterns, textures and colors.  Often when finding something new in nature we are drawn by a desire to see its details with improved precision and to understand its meaning with increased clarity. The more advanced we become in seeing the details, the more we are confronted by the paradox that what we see is still not completely seen. And the more sophisticated we become in our attempts to achieve a deeper understanding, the more we are confronted by the ambiguity of our putative explanations.  Since all of art is part of the natural world, the same paradoxes, ambiguities and limitations found in nature are also present in art. The glorious and mysterious aspects of life have these characteristics, and when art evokes these feelings and thoughts, the soul is touched and we are changed for a brief moment in time.

"Harmony I"
“Harmony I”

Nature always seems to display itself with a perfect blend of colors, textures, details and patterns.


"Harmony II"
“Harmony II”

What we are drawn to in nature, we are also drawn to in art.



Through the use of recurrent colors at both the macro and micro levels, life’s dualities are explored with similar characteristics of complexity, uniqueness, recurrence and embedded existence.



Through the use of vivid colors and flowing forms and details, a familiar sense of nature’s propensity for rebirth and revitalization are evoked with curiosity and interest at what might be discovered next.



As with evolution, the original source is partially obscured and only certain traits carry forward to the next state of existence. Made from a photograph of an original painting by the artist, the manipulated image creates a unique and dissimilar experience.



“Boundless”  62nd All Florida Juried Competition and Exhibition, Judge’s Merit Award Winner

When pondering the vast diversity of nature, and its ability to evolve without end, we are struck by the parallel that we can create new things in the same boundless manner. We have the same desires to discover and understand what is created, but similar limitations are present with truly knowing.


"Complexity of Life"

“Complexity of Life”  60th All Florida Juried Competition and Exhibition, Selected For Display

Using variously juxtaposed images, this painting illustrates an imagined life in vivid and dramatic detail. Each image with its own unique condition of existence is portrayed as either a separate entity or in a state of flow from one state to the other.



We often implicitly believe that boundaries are readily discernible, but depending upon the type of boundary and level of observation, this is not always completely true. The complexities and ambiguities of defining boundaries are explored when carefully considering all the painting’s details.


"Fictional Objects"
“Fictional Objects”

The ability to recognize objects in nature is a fundamental but very limited form of knowledge. The painting evokes a desire to recognize the fictionalized objects, but when this is found to not be possible this level of knowledge is thwarted, and a search for new discoveries and experiences ensues.

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