My recently completed paintings and digital images explore the paradoxes and ambiguities of human responses to new discoveries. Viewers are drawn to a series of detailed objects of various shapes, patterns, textures and colors.

Often when finding something new in nature we are drawn by a desire to see its details with improved precision and to understand its meaning with increased clarity. The more advanced we become in seeing the details, the more we are confronted by the paradox that what we see is still not completely seen. And the more sophisticated we become in our attempts to achieve a deeper understanding, the more we are confronted by the ambiguity of our putative explanations.

Since all of art is part of the natural world, the same paradoxes, ambiguities and limitations found in nature are also present in art. The glorious and mysterious aspects of life have these characteristics, and when art evokes these feelings and thoughts, the soul is touched and we are changed for a brief moment in time.